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3 Great Las Vegas Nerd Bars Where You Can Let Your Fandom Flag Fly!

If you’re a nerd who likes to drink, Las Vegas has got your back. There are a number of fun bars in the area where you can cosplay, play arcade games, and celebrate your Game of Thrones obsession with impunity. Check out these awesome Las Vegas nerd bars!

Nerd Bars in Vegas

Millennium Fandom

From Trivia nights to Cult Classic Happy Hours, Millennium Fandom is the best of the best when it comes to letting your fandom flag fly. You can cosplay here to your heart’s content, and you won’t be alone. In fact, you’ll be celebrated. They’ve also got great food and great drink specials, so you can’t go wrong!

The Nerd Bar

A new addition to the scene, The Nerd has free bowling, free billiards, and free video games! They have Rick and Morty viewing parties, Smash Bro bingo prizes, Tekken Tuesdays, and more! It’s also right around the corner from Toy Shack, a great place to find action figures, collectibles, and other fun memorabilia from Star Trek, Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, Marvel, DC, and more.

Hi-Scores Barcade

With two locations–one in Henderson and one in Blue Diamond–Hi-Scores is a great place to sit back, relax, drink, and make new friends–all while playing retro video games like Frogger or Dig Dug.  It’s also the only 49s bar in the area, if you’re an NFL fan, and they have great happy hour and food specials.


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