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4 Places to Go in Las Vegas if You Love Cars

If you are a lover of exotic, Las Vegas cars and you are wondering where you could go for your next vacation, then Las Vegas is the best place to visit. There are many places in Las Vegas where you would see some of the most amazing autos in the world. Below are some of the places you could visit whenever you find yourself in Las Vegas.

The Auto Collections at The LINQ

The Auto Collections at The LINQ has a massive variety of some of the rarest and most classic cars on earth. The exhibit contains 300 vehicles which rotate pretty often; thus it is unlikely for you to see the same auto more than once. The cars range from vintage luxury cars such as Rolls Royce to Military vehicles used in World War II. You will enjoy visiting the auto collection in the casino because of its exotic vehicles. Most of the cars displayed are for sale.

Shelby Museum

The Shelby Museum is located 15 miles north of the strip close to the Speedway of Las Vegas Motor. The museum contains two dozen autos which range from the first Shelby Cobra ever created to the trio of 1980s Dodges. Visitors are allowed to tour the facility only once per day. A smaller workshop is located in the factory, and it contains Cobras from different states of assembly/disassembly. The larger warehouse-sized room contains dozens of stock Mustangs which are converted into Shelby Mustangs daily.

Richard Petty Driving Experience

Whether you are a lover of autos or not, The Richard Petty Driving Experience is something you don’t want to miss. You, your family, and your friends can ride in the professionally maintained racers of the Richard Petty Driving. Each car has 5.7 liter Chevy engines which are rated at around 600 horsepower.

The price of a three-lap ride-along is $159 and $79.50 for another three laps. Although it is exciting to speed on the empty roads of the North Vegas, the safest, most comfortable, and most legal way to travel at high speeds of about 160mph is the Petty Driving Experience.

Carroll Shelby Heritage Center

This offers you the history of the American dynasty and a guided tour. The Carroll Shelby Heritage Center was responsible for the Mustang GT500, drool-worthy Shelby Cobra, Terlingua and so on. Today, they are still at the top of the car industry, and they allow their visitors to walk and shop some of the mechanics within their factory. They also allow their visitors to autograph their wall in the garage.

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