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5 Awesome Karaoke Joints in Las Vegas

5 Awesome Karaoke Joints in Las Vegas

Whether you like to listen other people sing or love to sing yourself, going to karaoke joints in Las Vegas is a great time to be had. Las Vegas has many awesome places where you can combine karaoke with some great friends and epic cocktails. These karaoke joints are great to relax with your friends, eat great (and cheap) food, mix with locals, and try your hand at singing after a few tequila shots.

Following are 5 awesome karaoke joints in Las Vegas:

The Piano Bar

The Piano Bar at Harrah’s is crazy, non-stop fun. Whether you are watching Big Elvis perform the greatest hits, listening to two identical twins argue over who is the better piano player, or singing karaoke with DJ Rusty, The Piano Bar is always hopping. The bar features Classic Soul that features the Saxman Duo who performs the classics. This is a perfect karaoke joint to relax and have fun with your friends.

Señor Frog’s

Señor Frog’s is an adventure-filled, lively, and fun bar located at Treasure Island. With a restaurant, a dance floor, and patio overlooking Siren’s Cove, the bar encourages you to drink, relax, and let loose. Their nightly karaoke doubles the fun, where you can belt out all your favorite hits.

Dino’s Lounge

Dino’s Lounge is one of those places in Vegas where even the host sings in the evenings. This is a karaoke bar of Las Vegas where you will surely enjoy your time at, especially if you like loud party-like atmosphere and aren’t afraid of making a fool out of yourself. Dino’s Lounge is always full of action. It offers cheap drinks and hosts a wide variety of crowd from bikers to businessmen. You can entertain with fancy Touch Tunes Juke Box or play pool. They also have a decent selection of liquors if you want more than just a beer.

Champagne’s Café

Champagne’s Café is the place to be if you like to see what Las Vegas was like in the seventies. A company of native locals and the décor with velvet walls will give you the Old Vegas feel that you will never forget. Friendly bartenders at this karaoke bar offer cheap booze and will tell you a story or two. The karaoke experience at Champagne’s Café is very enjoyable as the DJ has a huge selection of songs that will make your evening fun and amazing. Expect something simple for your food because Champagne’s Café is not exactly a place for gourmet food.

J Karaoke Bar

This bar is a hip, late-night singing lounge with a diverse menu of Asian-American eats, cocktails & happy hour. It is one of the best reviewed karaoke bars on Yelp. Their staff is friendly and accomodating.

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