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5 Las Vegas Hiking Trails from Beginner to Advanced

While many visitors come to Las Vegas for the Casinos and other entertainment places and events, there is much to this famous city than in-town fun. The city’s setting with mountains, hills, and forests nearby, is a hiker’s dream. There is a hiking attraction for everyone regardless of their physical fitness. Check out these five fantastic Las Vegas hiking trails!

Hoover Dam

Historic Trail

Hoover Dam asserted itself as an iconic landmark long before Vegas became a gambling mecca. To ease the movement of people, equipment, and building materials, engineers built a rail track to connect different building sites line cement mixing site to gravel sorting.

This 3.7 miles long and 25 meters wide track blasted through tunnels, some measuring 300 feet long. Officials converted the track into a hiking trail. It is suitable for families and pets because of its flat setting.

Gold Strike Hot Springs Trail

Near Hoover Dam are natural hot springs named the Gold Strike. Hikers can follow a trail that goes through Boulder Fields, steep inclines, a narrow canyon, and steep drop-offs. This is a challenging trail suitable for experienced hikers with climbing and rappelling skills. There is a series of ropes at the steepest inclines set to help hikers up and down the boulders.

The trail ends at springs which comprise of one large shoulder-deep pool and a few smaller ones. There is a small cave too.

Clark County

Wetlands Park

Set in Clark County less than 30 minutes from Las Vegas’ bustling Strip is a natural attraction of marshes, ponds, and lots of green vegetation. There are hundreds of animal species fish, turtles, and birds.

This 210-acre park is a bird watcher’s attraction which also pulls hundreds of nature lovers. There is a 3-mile paved walkway which forks to tens of dirt paths and wooden boardwalks where one can catch better views of the birds, turtles, and fish.

Frenchman Mountain Summits

East of Las Vegas are the Frenchman and Sunrise Mountain peaks. Diehard hikers brave the steep 2,200 feet climb to the summits to get a stunning view of Las Vegas from a bird’s eye view. The highest point is at 4,056 feet. This 4-mile long hike is for hardcore hikers looking for a challenge.

River Mountains Loop Trail

This is a 34-mile loop that connects Lake Mead, Clark County wetlands park, Henderson and Boulder City. It is a paved trail which makes it very popular with tourists because hikers can walk and ride or drive when they tire out.  


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