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5 Things to Know if You’re Planning a Vegas Wedding

So you and your significant other have decided to tie the knot. Congrats!  You have chosen the city of Las Vegas as your preferred wedding destination. Unlike what you see on TV about Vegas weddings, it just doesn’t happen after a snap of fingers. It takes planning just like any other wedding. Luckily, a Las Vegas wedding can be planned super fast, and most times they don’t take up to a week. If you’ll be having a big wedding, the planning time will of course be longer. Here are five helpful things to know if you plan to get married in Sin City:

You Still Need All Necessary Legal Documents

As mentioned earlier, a Vegas wedding does not happen in the blink of an eye. Even though more marriages happen in Las Vegas than in any other state in the USA, Vegas doesn’t just give out weddings. A marriage license is still required. You and your significant other need to fill out a Nevada marriage application no more than 60 days prior to the wedding. After filling out the application, make your way to the Clark County Marriage License Bureau. There, you’ll  turn in the application and then get your license. You have to do this in person, though.

The Best Time to Get Married

Las Vegas is a tourist haven, so you should shy away from dates like February 14th and holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. This is because a lot of couples would want to get married on Valentine’s Day. As a result, you and your almost-spouse will end up waiting in line for most of your wedding day. Also, setting your wedding date to the holiday period (Christmas and New Year’s) might lead to difficulty in getting a hotel room for your guests.  This is not to say that you can’t have your wedding on these days if you want to, you just have to book in advance. And get there super early.

You Can Have a Themed Wedding, No Matter How Crazy

If you’ve ever nursed the fantasy of a themed wedding, you can have it become reality in Las Vegas. It doesn’t matter how crazy your idea is, a good Vegas wedding planner will help your dream wedding come to life. If you plan to have an outdoor wedding, however, try booking during fall or spring, or have the wedding in the nighttime. This is because during the summer, Vegas is really hot and the weather will ruin makeup and the cake.

You Can Save a Lot of Money If You Book at the Right Time

If you’re low on cash or just want to save up for marriage after the wedding, try having your wedding during off-season. You can also look for local vendors to work with, and call hotels and casinos so you’ll know when they’re doing weddings at the lowest rates.

It’s Possible to Pack Light for Your Wedding

Las Vegas is famous for “quickie” weddings, and as a result, there are a lot of places where you can rent everything for the wedding – from wedding dresses to shoes for the groom. If you want to travel for your wedding without carrying too much luggage, it’s totally possible.

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