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5 Places In Las Vegas to Nurse a Hangover

Las Vegas has the most amazing outlets for fun, tourism and other conventions. However, a lot of fun and drinking comes with a hangover. Luckily, your body does not have to suffer for your bad decisions, and there’s no hangover like a Las Vegas hangover. Highlighted below are places in Las Vegas where you can go to get a relief from that nagging hangover.

Hangover Cures in Las Vegas

Reviv – MGM Grand  

This is like an oasis on the desert located on the strip of Vegas. The amazing IV therapies here can cure your hangover in just hours. The amazing booster shots work unbelievably fast compared to energy drinks. At REVIV, renewal and rejuvenation is a done deal.

Push IV

A hangover clinic that never closes, Push IV is fitted with top equipments and wonderful IV formulas. The infrared sauna there helps heat you up and rid the body of toxins. Sweating is one of the body’s most precautionary ways of healing itself, so this sauna is really helpful. One commendable thing about Push IV is that it’s a mobile clinic that comes to you anywhere in Vegas.

Hangover Heaven

Dr. Jason Burke, a Duke University trained anesthesiologist manages this amazing heaven on earth. With packages such as Rapture, Salvation, Baptism, Redemption 3.0, and Sunday school, any hangover is sure to be dealt with. The most interesting part of the heaven is that they come to you. It’s a moving heaven and could also be called a cure bus.

JW Marriott Resort and Spa

With intent to renew and relax, the availability of a sauna, steam room, a waterfall shower, a masseuse and many more, makes the spa a place to be, especially for your hangover IV. The perks to the spa is that you do not have to be a registered visitor and there are unbelievable discounts for locals.

Oyster Bar – Palace Station

Zinc boosts the immune system in so many ways, and it help with hangovers. Some people refer to it as the shooter. Oysters are an amazing source of zinc, so after a wild night and an almost empty pocket (and you’re unable to afford the spa) order an oyster from Oyster Bar. The oyster will leave you feeling rejuvenated and renewed. Luckily, Oyster Bar is open 24 hours.

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