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5 reasons to see Cher in Concert at Park Theater

Cher’s a Twitter maniac, and this absolutely fantastic and energetic woman is one great gift to the pop culture. Here are five reasons why it is a must that you attend the Cher in concert!

Cher The Show

If You’re a Fan of Classic Pop

Apart from the fact that this energetic lady holds the record for the oldest female artist with #1, she is a Grammy, Emmy and an Oscar awards winning artist. So the first reason why you want to see this beautiful lady perform is to get a feel of classic pop. If you are a lover of the oldies then this internationally acclaimed goddess of pops’ concerts should be one of the gatherings you itch to go to.

An Amazing Experience

Yes, Cher’s concert promises to be an intimate and incomparable experience. This is a reason why you must be at the show! With over 100 million records sold, the fun promises to be nonstop, why would anyone want to miss this?

Cher The Person

Cher is a Feminist

Always lauded for her actions as a feminist, like-minded feminists can actually relate with Cher. So if you are an activist for equal right between men and women, this would be another reason to be at the Cher in concert to see the legendary female.

Cher Believes in LGBT Rights

Also known for her pro LGBT community activities, Cher unabashedly shows her support at every point in time. What better way to connect to an icon who shares your beliefs and thoughts than to be at her concert?


Cher’s Personality

Highly spontaneous and a very loveable individual, Cher’s concert is surely one of the highly anticipated events in the pop world.

Everyone is rest assured that this concert is one of the most talked about in the decade. Given her ability to remain relevant to the pop culture over the years, it is not surprising that she still performing! I wouldn’t miss this concert for the world; do you want more reasons to be at the concert? I think not! Come and witness greatness in its purest form!

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