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5 Reasons to See a Show at The Smith Center

With a million and one thrilling experiences to surprise you, Las Vegas is made for you. If it’s not the restaurants, the bars or the nightclubs, it’s the theaters. And trust us on this one; shows at the Smith Center are off the hook! There’s no going back once you step into their magnificent and magical theaters. We’ve got five big-ups to keep you running off to get your tickets and staying glued to your seats.

Enjoy a Show at The Smith Center

Magical Theaters

Props love Reynolds Hall, as it’s been built with subtle secrets that make it so powerful and make you never want to leave. If you’ve never seen the two front seats disappear with just a single button push, then you’ve not seen anything yet! Furthermore, whether you watch the shows in Cabaret Jazz, Symphony Park or Troesh Studio Theater, the memories will always linger. 

Talented Performers with Artistic Excellence

Clint Holmes didn’t stop at performing. Taking the Masters classes have been remarkable. Similarly, watching a show by Susan Anton, Robert Taylor, the Lon Bronson All-Star Band or even the legendary Rock band YES just reminds you of how much love the Smith Center has for the best and nothing less. Any show by any of these world-class artists, writers and performers will ring several bells in your head many days after you’ve seen them. Who doesn’t love a performance by famous award-winning folks? That’s what you get when you choose the Smith Center. Southern Nevada is sure a treasure island. You doubt?

Broadway Series (and your Choice)

With over five years of world class performances, the Smith Center has had a cozy flow with Broadway. When you pick your tickets to see any of the mind-blowing series – family, dance or featured events, you’ll be viewing stage stars that have amazing pedigree in Broadway musicals. Isn’t it just perfect to see how people shower their love on “A Gentleman’s Guide?” The shows are popular, hilarious and absolutely ever-trendy. Nothing can take them away. So why should you miss them? And if it’s something for your art-loving kids, “Go, Dog. Go!” is all set to motivate and inspire them.

Celebration of Performance Arts

Las Vegas, since its birth, has stayed awake all night giving and receiving entertainment in the performing arts. But you know what’s more intriguing? At the Smith Center, the genres range from Jazz, Dance, Family, and Contemporary to Special Attractions. So when you’re thinking of a venue that brings history, class, and education into one, you’ve got the number one spot. Above all, you get outstanding performances, incredible shows and the most sought show venue by producers. Enough said already!



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