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5 Places to Get a Stunning Tattoo in Las Vegas

Vegas is full of tattoo shops, and it can be difficult to narrow down where you want to go.  So we’ve put together a list of our five favorite Las Vegas tattoo shops and artists to help you out! From realism to traditional, from animals to portraits, we’ve got some great options for you!

Tattoo Parlors in Las Vegas

Club Tattoo at Miracle Mile

First of all, it seems like Club Tattoo at Miracle Mile has an artist for just about every style you could want. For traditional Japanese style tattooing, ask for Wakako! Her works are large, vibrant, and beautiful. If you’re after a portrait, Jose Carlos is your man.  His black and grey human faces are absolutely outstanding. On the other hand, if you’re after something a little more gothic, Chris Beck is where it’s at. The artists here are are spectacular, and love doing custom work for their clients!

Skin Design

Founded by tattoo artist Robert Pho, Skin Design artists specialize in color realism, black and grey, script, cover ups, and custom lettering. As a result, if you’re looking for black and grey portraits, Fernie Andrade’s work is off the chain; and for hyper-realism, check out Robert Pho.  You also won’t want to miss Matilda Dao, an apprentice artist who’s already making a name for herself with her stunning line work. She specializes in the female form, skeletal systems, and animals.

Pussycat Tattoo

If you visit Pussycat Tattoo, check out Rachel Snyder for incredible American Traditional work, or Amanda Hoffman for Traditional with a (often blueish) twist. For photorealism, especially in color, Gonzalez Ron is your man.  Everyone at Pussycat is insanely talented, so you can’t go wrong!

Studio 21

Though his self-professed favorites are realism, new school, and traditional, Alan at Studio 21 is a jack of all trades. From the simplest of designs to a Van Gogh replica, he can do anything. J “Swarm” does what he calls “swarmtraditional” tattoos, ultra-traditional, with his own unique spin.  They’re clean, crisp, and absolutely stunning.


Vic Vid’s work at Basilica is insane. In the best way possible.  Hyper-realistic, stunning, jump-off-the-skin portraits are his forte.  Whether you’re after a Bowie portrait or a stormtrooper, he can do everything, especially in color. If you’re after a black and grey, check out Christian Buckingham. Dwight Bulb’s your man for flowers and animals in perfect, stunning color. And Noelin Wheeler’s slightly creepy, super detailed work will leave you breathless.

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