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5 Things to Do at Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas has a lot to offer, from the Fremont Experience to countless bars and restaurants, to at galleries and more. One of our favorite places is, of course, Container Park, where you can find great food, shopping, and entertainment all in one place! Here are five things you can do, without leaving the block!

Play Like a Kid at Container Park

Eat Amazing Food

If you’re in the mood for ribs, check out Big Ern’s BBQ, where you’ll find sides made from scratch, hickory and oak wood smoked meats, and more. Cheffini’s is where to go for hotdogs, with all kinds of unique varieties, such as the deep-fried bacon wrapped frank with avocado and chipotle guava. Wash either of these down with a glass of wine from Bin 702, or visit the Sweet Spot Candy Shop for something a bit, well, sweeter.

Looking for something on the lighter side? Try Simply Pure, where you’ll find raw and vegan organic foods, such as sandwiches, salads, wraps, and even Mama Mia Vegan Lasagna!

Shop til you Drop

Container Park has it all – from Art Box, a boutique of local jewelry and crafts by Las Vegas artists to Lovo Cigars, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for here. There are designer boutiques, like Live at Your Own Pace clothing, or vintage wear at Vintage NV. And don’t miss Kappa Toys, where you’ll find fun gifts for all ages – and probably something for yourself as well!

Be Entertained

Every weekend, Container Park hosts events on their stage, from music to dance to art shows and more. Check their website for updated listings!

Visit The Dome

The Dome – the home of the praying mantis – is a 4k-visual entertainment experience. It has recliner seats and nearly 14 million pixels in HD. Check out their music shows by rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, or U2. Bring your kids to see Dinosaurs at Dusk! Or play Earth Defender, a first person shooter experience where you and your friends save Earth!

Play Like a Kid

During the day, the playground at Container Park, which features climbing areas, slides, and more, is open to actual kids. But come nightfall, around 9pm, it becomes an Adults Only playground for the kid in your heart. Challenge yourself with interactive games! Build foam skyscrapers! Or climb to the top of the mountain and slide down to glory!

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