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Afterburner - Sky Combat Ace

This superb and breath-taking show “Afterburnner Airplane Ride” is a heart-thumping action full of non-stop spins, rolls, loops and tumbles, the Afterburner is like a roller coaster without the rails. A full aerobatic airshow routine is what you get to experience when you visit Las Vegas.

Times and Location

Flight Time: 7:00 am,9:00 am,11:00 am,1:00 pm 3:00pm and 5:00pm
Departing: Las Vegas
Destination: Henderson


  • 2.5 Hours Door to Door
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Fighter Pilot Briefing
  • Full Aerobatic Profile
  • Pull up to 8x the Force of Gravity
  • Loops, Rolls, Stalls
  • Tail Slide
  • Spin (Upright or Inverted)
  • Torque Rolls & Snap Rolls
  • Tumble or Lomcevak
  • High G Turn (optional)


  • Advanced Aerobatics
  • Basic Aerobatics
  • You Fly Departure

Need To Know

  • There are no age limits.
  • Weight Restrictions:
    Extra 330: Between 80 lbs (36 kg) & 265 lbs (120 kg)
    Waco (single passenger): No more than 300 lbs (136 kg)
    Waco (two passengers): Combined weight less than 450 lbs (204 kg)
  • Height Restrictions:
    Extra 330: No taller then 6’6″ (201 cm)
    Waco: No taller than 6’6″ (201 cm)


The Afterburner is full of non-stop spins, rolls, loops, tumbles and heart-thumping action is like a roller coaster without the rails. This provides you with the experience of a full aerobatic airshow routine. This show gets you to experience advanced tricks spanning from Hammerhead, Tail Slide, Spins and also the lomcevak which cartwheels you into space like a rocket shot through the sky. This is in addition to all the basic aerobatic maneuvers available to experience.

Ever seen an airshow and wondered what it feels like to hurtle through the air unencumbered by gravity? Then, this ride is meant for you. As your instructor demonstrates to you the full capability of the world’s most advanced aerobatic airplane, which is twice as long as the Operation Recon, you will be hanging on for your dear life.

You get a great feeling of what been an airshow pilot is like with the Afterburner at an unbeatable price.
Why leave all the fun to your SCA pilot? It is high time you step up your game by upgrading to the Top Gun and taking controls of the Extra 330 as we teach you how to do your very own aerobatic maneuvers. Need to add that the gnarliest air-to-ground experience you get in the world outside of the US military is the dynamic low level bombing run.

Your socks and shoes are needed to take the ride and it is advisable that you carry along or wear warm jackets during winter.


+ Additional Information
Shoes and Socks Required. Warm jackets recommended in Winter.

To talk to a live person call 1-800-VIVA-VEGAS or 800-848-2834.
Email Customer Service with any questions or comments [email protected]

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