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Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino


Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino

The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino of Las Vegas is a chic and glamorous getaway. This hotel offers a variety of luxury rooms and suites for everyone to feel like they’re doing Vegas the “right” way. The amenities are endless and the nightlife will make you remember why you came to Vegas.

The Cosmopolitan is super chic, exciting, and not for the kiddos. This is the hotel to come to if you want to party, but with class.  Start or end your evening with a fancy cocktail at the Chandelier Bar. It’s got over 2 million crystals to its name, and you’ll feel VIP just by sitting down in one of the plush chairs. It’s got three levels as well – the more party-going on the first floor near the casino, with a live DJ; the second floor, with mixologists rather than bartenders, and the third floor, with calm, sophisticated luxury.

For good eats, try the Wicked Spoon Buffet. It’s all you can eat small plates, and a dessert aisle to die for.  Or if you’re already worried how much you dropped at the casino, check out Secret Pizza.

The Cosmo also has a rooftop pool, private cabanas, a spa, and more.

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