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Crazy Girls | Topless Show

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Crazy Girls | Las Vegas Topless Show

With their super sexy costumes, steamy stories to tell and alluring dance moves, Crazy Girls and their stars more than live up to their name.

Times and Location

Location: Sin City Theater at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino
Show Length:75minutes


With their super sexy costumes, steamy stories to tell and alluring dance moves, Crazy Girls more than live up to their name.

This show has recently relocated. They have made themselves at home in the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. This revue is providing Las Vegas visitors and residents alike with an opportunity to enjoy one of the best topless revues in town.

Crazy Girls has become one of the most beloved topless revues in the city and for very good reason. This show offers plenty of treats for men and women. Couples who are in search of the ultimate naughty night out have definitely come to the right place.

If you’re looking for an awesome bachelor bash without all of the unnecessary strip club glitter, Crazy Girls has got you covered. Those who wish to show up with their significant other in tow can also gather some inspiration from the steamy show.

Crazy Girls

The original Crazy Girls show set many Las Vegas trends that still exist today, as they were one of the first show to have dancers who were close to bare onstage and in many cases, they only wore a G string.

These girls will not be seen wearing fishnet stockings and they have a complete and total commitment to remaining in excellent shape, so that they can look as good as humanly possible while they are onstage.

However, there is no reason why you should simply take our word for it on these matters. Come check out the show for yourself, so that you can take in all of the gorgeous women and wonder how they’ve managed to learn so many crazy good sultry dance steps and provide audiences with a top notch experience.

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