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Dog Friendly Las Vegas: Where to Take Your Pooch

Dog Friendly Las Vegas: Where to Take Your Pooch

If you’re smitten with your fur baby, it’s a good thing you’re in dog friendly Las Vegas! It is perhaps not surprising that Las Vegas has a selection of restaurants and bars to accommodate the dogs of its customers. The city has one of the highest per capita rates for dogs in the country.

This is good news for dog lovers who know that the best time is in each bar when serving both two-legged and four-legged customers. Appearing at brunch with a dog companion can be a serious mistake in some cities, but the places described in this article welcome the presence of puppies.

We have put together a short but enjoyable list of dining options at any time of the day. And of course, your dog is welcome.

A Barkin’ Good Time

Big Dog’s Brewing Co.

The name, the logo and the giant dog statue in front are the first indications that Big Dog’s Brewing Company allows dogs. Fortunately, the terrace follows suit with plenty of room for dogs and humans. For thirsty dogs, bowls of water are available, and for the thirsty human, locally brewed beer is ready.

Egg & I

The original Egg & I have a yard for dogs, as well as the five sister restaurants that go by the name Egg Works. Omelets, Benedictines and other popular breakfast dishes, as well as American and Mexican specialties, are served in all areas. Especially relevant, water bowls, dog treats, and dog-friendly staff ensure that pets are comfortable.

Grape Street Cafe, Wine Bar & Cellar

Next up! Are you looking for an alternative to downtown Summerlin Dogs Alternative to Lazy Dog? The outdoor area of ​​Grape Street Café is the exclusive luxury destination for Italian and Mediterranean dishes combined with a selection of fine wines. Furthermore, dog owners can bring their own bowls of water to the tranquil yard, which provides a dark retreat for dogs and their humans who come in the summer


After exploring the Red Rock Canyon trails, hungry hikers and tired dogs will be grateful for the comfortable outdoor spaces near Krayvings. The informal restaurant serves fruit juices, wraps, salads and a freshly squeezed breakfast throughout the day. In addition, dogs can snuggle under tables outside.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

When it comes to restaurants dealing with dogs and their owners, it’s not much better than Lazy Dog. All their location have dog decks and special menus for dogs with products such as chicken and brown rice. For the people, there is pasta, pizzas, french fries, and hamburgers as well as brunch on weekends and happy hour.

Leoné Café

Leone Cafe is an Italian café that integrates perfectly with Tivoli Village Summerlin. Outside, dog seats accept dogs of all sizes in a very European environment. So pet owners can enjoy an espresso and enjoy Old World pasta, pizzas and paninis while their dogs drink water.

The MadHouse Coffee

This restaurant is opened for 24 hours; they serve signature espresso drinks such as red velvet mocha, pastries, sandwiches, and salads. Baristas are happy to provide free water and dog treats in the sunny courtyard.

Mountain Springs Saloon

Nestled in the trees at the top of Mountain Springs Pass between Las Vegas and Pahrump, this bar is well worth a visit for dogs. Also noteworthy, they have live music in an outdoor environment, friendly for puppies, with water available on request, make it the perfect destination for dogs.



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