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Experience Some Exhilarating Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

grand canyon helicopter tours

The Grand Canyon is absolutely amazing. Especially at first sight, you will be slack-jawed, awestruck or just plain dumbfounded. Why? Because the Grand Canyon is one of the greatest natural attractions in the world. It’s so popular in fact that over 5 million people come to take a look of this mile-deep canyon annually.

Whether you are just passing through Las Vegas or you are staying for business or pleasure, a great way to see Grand Canyon and the beauty of Las Vegas is by helicopter.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours From Las Vegas

As we previously stated, one of the best ways to take in all the grandeur of the Canyon is to book a Grand Canyon helicopter tour.  There are many different helicopter tour companies based out of Las Vegas. Each offers a unique opportunity to experience the Grand Canyon by air, land and/or water.

Designed specifically for sightseeing, you pick and choose a tour that lets you just just fly over the Canyon. Or, you can add-on a stop that will let you enjoy the views along with a champagne picnic, Colorado River raft excursion, shuttle ride and Skywalk side trip or one of many other options.

Conveniently, a majority of Grand Canyon helicopter tour companies offer pickups at most major hotels on The Strip. Additionally, most helicopter tours automatically include a fly over the famous Las Vegas neon Strip.

Want more details on how to book a Grand Canyon helicopter tour? There are plenty of tour options listed on our Things to Do in Las Vegas site to help you pick an exhilarating helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.

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