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4 Things to Do If You Want to Experience Old Las Vegas

People love Las Vegas for its bright lights, wild parties, and rich history. While we can’t go back to the old days of the Rat Pack, you can still get a glimpse of Old Las Vegas, if you know where to look.

Visit Old Las Vegas!

Stop by at old school hotels.

Some hotels in Vegas, even though sophisticated, have stuck to old times style.  For example, The Flamingo went up in the 40s and a visit to this place paints romantic, old, black and white movie scenes on the mind. The El Cortez is another slice of old school Las Vegas. From its downtown location to its classic charm, it’s a great place to step back in time.

Visit a museum or an art gallery.

Like Greece, China, India and any other place on the planet, Vegas has a history. Fragments of these beautiful memories of the old Vegas have been collected and preserved as artifacts in various Vegas museums. To get a glimpse of old Vegas, visit The Mob Museum, Shelby American, Inc, Neon Museum, of the dozens of museums in the bustling city. It’s a good way to visit the past.

Go to classical restaurants.

In good old times, there was no Vegas without buffets, sumptuous pancakes, tasty shrimp cocktails, and all-time-open coffee shops. About now, some restaurants, tagged classic, still give the old time treat. Frequent visits to these restaurants, like Spago, The Golden Steer, and Michael’s Gourmet Room would be a good way to taste the past.

Get lost in Downtown Las Vegas.

Since Las Vegas is a home for eager holidayers and vacationists, it’s normal to have the city almost entirely modernized to match an adventurer’s taste. In spite of that, downtown Las Vegas seems to be what’s left of the ancient Las Vegas. Take a public transport, tour the place, downtown, mingle with the locals, and you are sure to travel half a century back in time at least.

If you want to experience the old Vegas, follow these steps if you can’t buy a time machine.

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