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Things to Do in Las Vegas: Visit Red Rock Canyon

red rock canyon conservation-area

Oh, the things to do at Red Rock Canyon!

Las Vegas shines for its nightlife, but there are plenty of other activities and things to do off The Strip. One of the most inspiring places to visit in Las Vegas, tied with the Britney Spears Las Vegas show and the drag performances that riddle the city, is Red Rock Canyon.

This natural wonder is located just miles away from most Las Vegas hotels on the west side of the city. Visitors of Red Rock Canyon will be awed. The canyon is 197,000 acres wide and is home to many indigenous breeds of animal and plants that can’t be found anywhere else. Of course, the Native American presence on the land is another huge factor in visiting. The history this canyon holds outweighs even some of the most exciting nightlife adventures.

Burros, Rabbits & Ground Squirrels – Oh My!

Animal sightings in this canyon include wild burros, rabbits, ground squirrels. Even Desert Bighorn Sheep at some of the higher elevations in the canyon.

During the winter months this canyon sits at an average temperature of 70 degrees. So it’s a nice warm adventure if you’re coming from somewhere cold. In the summertime the canyon can reach temperatures past 110 degrees Fahrenheit, so come prepared.

Hiking up the rocks of the canyon to the cooler air and even cooler animals and plants is an experience for the books. Red Rock Canyon is definitely an adventure that should be worked into your itinerary when you’re planning on what to do when you visit Las Vegas.

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