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Top Las Vegas Tourist Attractions

Top Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas

Top Las Vegas Tourist Attractions

Whether you are on a family trip to or you’re looking to have a wild weekend, Las Vegas has something for everyone. You can easily find a range of fun activities for all ages including phenomenal restaurants, captivating landmarks and shows.

The following are just a few ideas of things to do while in Las Vegas.

Tour the Strip

Do you know that you can take a tour on Strip for just $10? Any of the RTC fleet of double-decker buses with stops on The Strip can take you on a ride to Downtown and back. These pimped-out buses are commonly referred to as Deuces. Interestingly, you can hop and off these buses all day and you can even get a 3-day pass for $20.

 Visit Steve Wynn’s Man-Made Wonder

The Lake of Dreams at The Wynn is an amazing place to see. Created by Steve Wynn, this attraction offers visitors a charming desert oasis that can be compared to an Alpine getaway. Lots of foliage and a 40-ft waterfall cascade down a 150-ft mountain to the delight of patrons dining or enjoying cocktails on the outside terraces of the Lakeside, Steakhouse or Parasol Down. Nothing compares to a dining experience at a mountainside retreat on The Strip.

Check Out an Offbeat Museum

Visit the Mob Museum located in Downtown Las Vegas to witness first-hand how organized crime bosses operated back in the day.  Or, have a nuclear experience at the Atomic Testing Museum near the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The view on the north end of The Strip at the Neon Museum is also electrifying. And for game enthusiasts, the Pinball Hall of Fame is another winning attraction. They preserve over 100 operational pinball machines.

Visit a World-Famous Casino

Gambling is what Las Vegas is known for and Caesars Palace is one of the original casinos left standing on the Las Vegas Strip. There’s classical architecture, touches of opulence and more. Everything makes trying your luck at one of the table games or in the poker room a unique event.

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