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Luxor Hotel

Luxor Hotel

The Luxor Hotel hotel also offers non-stop fun and comfort. The Luxor’s eye-catching shape makes it an intriguing tourist location. Get a room with a view in the pyramid that would make the Egyptians proud. This hotel is a great place to bring the family – it’s got great ambiance, and stylized decor the kids will love. This includes a gigantic Sphinx, heiroglyphics, and more. Not to mention the megawatt light that shines bright every single night!

Additionally, you can also stay in a “pyramid room.” They’re slightly smaller, and a little older than some, but the perk is you get to take an elevator up the side of the pyramid! It’s at a 39-degree angle, so you’ll feel it! The hallways outside pyramid rooms overlook the atrium. If you want something a bit more updated, try staying in the adjacent tower. It’s all the benefits of the luxor, with a bit more modernity.

Luxor also offers the Titanic and Bodies exhibits, as well as several shows. And don’t miss the enormous, nearly 20,000 square foot pool! The deck is even larger, and it’s always a party.

Of course, there’s also the casino, where you can while away the hours at a slot machine or playing poker on the floor.

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