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Places to Go to See Summer Meteor Showers

Places to Go to See Summer Meteor Showers

Shooting stars, falling stars, or a meteor shower are an amazing gift of nature to us. There are many meteor showers that occur throughout the year and are visible to both southern and northern hemispheres. Some of the meteor showers you have a chance to see in 2018 include Delta Aquariid, Perseid, Orionid, Southern Taurid, Leonid, Geminid, and Ursid. There are many locations near Las Vegas where you can view these spectacular shows.

Following are 5 places to go to see summer meteor showers:

Black Mountain

Located on the south side of Henderson, Black Mountain is about 20-25 minutes away from the Strip. Not only do the black lava cliffs offer amazing panoramic views of Las Vegas, the black skies will also sharpen your math skills at night as you will be able to count hundreds of stars visible to your eyes. Black Mountain is one of the best places near Vegas to watch various meteor showers throughout the year. Parking is easy to find; however, it is limited. Although the trail is very steep, you can hike it. Your best bet is to watch from the side of the road as it is a safe location. Don’t forget to bring water, snacks, chair, and flashlight.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is located about 30 minutes west of the Strip. It is a home to gorgeous cliffs and sandstone rocks. Hiking trails offer amazing views and a scenic 13-mile loop drive will convince you that Vegas is underrated for its natural beauty. The place is great for stargazing. Many people come here to see meteor showers.

Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston is a favorite of both locals and tourists. The cool crisp air is perfect for watching meteor showers. The place is located about half-an-hour drive from Vegas. It is quite far from the lights across the Las Vegas valley. The Spring Mountains stretch 55 miles and they are all anchored by Mount Charleston, which is the eighth highest mountain peak of Nevada. The Spring Mountains Visitor Center will guide you on the safe side roads as well as the best trails to view the summer meteor showers.

Lake Mead Recreational Area

Lake Mead Recreational Area is a popular travel destination that attracts thousands of visitors every year. It’s a contrast of beauty, water and desert, canyons and mountains, earth and sky. Located about 45 minutes from Vegas, the place offers lodging, biking, fishing, hiking, swimming, and multiple other activities. At night, the back-country roads are perfect for watching the meteor showers. Vehicles are permitted on designated parking areas and park roads.

Amargosa Valley

Amargosa Valley is a growing community of about 1,500 residents and a few small businesses. This unique unincorporated town of vacant skies and open roads is about one-hour drive from Vegas. Far away from homes or city lights and obstruction of buildings, Amargosa Valley is one of the best places to go to see summer meteor showers. You can call the town manager for directions and more information.

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