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Visit Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area

Visit Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area

If you’re looking for a great place to go hiking near Las Vegas, don’t miss Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area.  At over 48,000 acres, this conservation area has a myriad of trails, wildlife, and historic landmarks.

For example, in McCullough Hills, you can take in the rugged desert landscape on foot. Or go by horseback on one of the many equestrian trails. Hidden Valley offers the same, as well as gorgeous scenic outlooks to take in the stunning geology.  

Don’t forget to bring a camera either! Hundreds of species of wildlife live in Sloan Canyon, including (but not limited to) jackrabbits, grey foxes, big horn sheep, bats, mountain lions, quail, red-tailed hawk, cactus wren, lizards, snacks, iguanas, and desert tortoises. You never know when you’ll catch a glimpse!

But perhaps the highlight of Sloan Canyon is the Petroglyph Site, where you’ll find over 300 rock panels with 1,700 unique designs, created by native cultures from the Archaic to historic era. (Please note: photographs and sketches are allowed, but refrain from touching the petroglyphs to avoid damaging them.)

There’s no way you’ll be able to see this amazing landscape in one day, but we guarantee you’ll want to return as soon as possible, as often as possible.

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