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Tips and Tricks for Playing Slots for Beginners – in Las Vegas

History – It may sound sexist today, but Las Vegas Casinos installed the original slot machines to entertain wives while their husbands gambled at table games. Today, slots are among the most popular games in a casino and often cover well over half of the available floor space. Here’s some info about the machines, and our tips and tricks for playing slots for beginners!

Types of Slot Machines

Modern casinos offer hundreds of varieties of slots and computers drive the machines. Many slots simulate the traditional “three reel” games with a single winning line. These games evolved into multiple reel games allowing winning lines across, up or down or diagonally. Keep in mind, slots with more lines available to win require multiple betting amounts.

New, multi-line slots are built on flashy, LED and digital platforms around popular movie or television show themes. These games have several pay-lines that vary from slanted, crooked or crossed in addition to the typical straight-line orientations.

Any of these styles may be tied to a “bank” of progressive slots. When you play a progressive slot, the jackpot increases as more games are played. The more who play, the higher the progressive bank – progressive prizes can reach to multiple millions of dollars.

Tips For Beginners

  1. Firstly, random generators control the slot machines. These computer chips can’t be influenced. In the long-term, you can not win against the odds, however, in the short-term, you have the same chance to get “lucky” as everyone else in the casino. 
  2. These games CAN be programmed to be “loose.” This means they payout more often and may be scattered throughout the casino.  They generate more business when the machines do “hit” or payout. The goal of every slot player is to find one of these rare “loose” machines. 
  3. Your first step should be to get your players card. Each casino or group of casinos has a membership or reward system. You swipe or place in each machine as you play. The card will track your play, time, and money spent. This allows the casino to identify and reward good customers with points. You can exchange points for food, rooms or free play.

More Tips and Tricks

  1. Don’t spend hours feeding (betting) one machine thinking that it must payout, that the machine is “due” to payout. The computer inside and it’s Random Number Generator just do not work that way.
  2. Hot or Cold. Many successful slot players know that they can not beat or influence the slots, but in their search for loose machines (those that payout more often) they label machines as “hot” or “cold”. If a machine does not payout (even slightly) in the first $20 or 20 spins, they will move on to the next machine looking for one that is “hot.”
  3. Lastly, set limits. Slots are flashy, fun and addicting. Set both a time limit and a loss limit to prevent losing your entire bankroll and savings.

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