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Places to Stargaze Near Las Vegas

You have to take matters into your own hands if you want to participate in Las Vegas stargazing.  Head out to the desert to some great stargazing sites! You’ll see stunning view of the stars, comets, and constellations.

Here are some places near Las Vegas you can go for the best stargazing experience:

Las Vegas Stargazing

Mt. Charleston Lodge

This lodge stands at an altitude of over 7,700 feet. Therefore, you can just imagine the magnificence of the stargazing views you can get from here. The temperature is also great, and it’s over 29 degrees cooler than the Las Vegas valley. Most noteworthy, there’s a restaurant and lodge available, in case you get hungry.

Pioneer Saloon

You can escape the Strip’s bright lights and get a view of the beautiful stars at Pioneer Saloon, situated about 30 minutes west of Las Vegas. It is a historic saloon that became a Hollywood set, and they offer American food, brews and cocktails, all with a twist of Texas. Furthermore, they offer round-trip transportation all the way from Las Vegas and back. Looking for a filling meal and a stargazing adventure in the desert? Pioneer Saloon is the place for you.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is only a few miles from Vegas. Situated among some starry skies and dark mountains, it’s one of the best places in Las Vegas to get a view of the night sky. Try First Creek area, Oak Creek trailhead area (both off SR 159), and Blue Diamond Row (along SR 160). Remember to check a weather or astrology website, or a sky chart to know what stars you can see on the night you choose to head out.

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

This place is a great stargazing location. The Las Vegas Astronomy Society meets here for their event, “Astronomy in the Park.” Additionally, the State Park has an event named “Super Summer Theatre” that runs from May to September, where visitors get to watch the stars after watching a play.

Stargazing is an amazing activity, and while you can’t get to do it in Vegas, there are amazing spots around and near Las Vegas you should totally check out.

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