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What to Do if You’re Staying at New York New York

Going to Vegas is like visiting multiple cities at once.  From Egypt to Venice to Medieval Europe, you’ve got options. One of our favorites of course is the big apple – New York, New York. Here you’ll find all manner of entertainment, food, fun, and more. So if you’re staying in The City, here are some things to do in your own, mini NYC:

Take in a Show

When in Vegas, it’s almost mandatory to take in a Cirque du Soleil show. There are plenty to choose from, but if you’re staying at New York New York, why not enjoy their resident show, Zumanity? Experience all the joys of a Cirque show – acrobatics, dance, comedy, and more – with a naughty twist.  Zumanity is part burlesque, part cabaret, part circus, and part plain raunchy. Note: it’s 18 and over only. Definitely not one for the kiddos.

Unleash Your Inner Kid

New York New York is famous in part for the Big Apple Roller Coaster that winds its way through replicas of the Statue of Liberty, the Chrysler Building, and Penn Station. Catch your thrills on this awesome ride! And/or, check out the arcade, where you’ll find video games, skiball, great prizes, and more!  

Eat Everything

One of the greatest things about New York City is the food, so it stands to reason that New York New York would offer excellent dining options as well – and they do. Check out Nine Fine Irishmen for pub food, ales, and spirits; or try the Village Street Eateries, where you’ll find all the New York staples – pizza, hot dogs, Italian cuisine, and more. Also don’t miss The Chocolate Bar, where you’ll find the best combination of anything ever – chocolate and booze.


Vegas can be chaotic, so what better way to unwind than at the spa and salon? Pamper yourself with a massage, manicure, new hair style, or sauna session. Or if you’re looking for a little more excitement still, check out the pool! Grab a cabana or daybed, order drinks, and enjoy the high-tech sound system blasting beats.




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