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Things to Do in Vegas if You Love Rock Music

Are you a lover of the rock music genre living in or visiting Las Vegas? If yes, Las Vegas is just the perfect place to be. Vegas is a city full of life, energy and spirit, it is a city famed for its entertaining nature.

Rock out in Las Vegas

Hit the clubs

Las Vegas is known to be the home of hard rock music. Also, it is known for its fiery night life. As a lover of Hard Rock music in Vegas, you should consider going to a rock club. Some of the best clubs to visit in Las Vegas are Club Madrid, Rock Of Ages At The Rio, Count’s Vamp’d, Vinyl Las Vegas. Similarly, they all offer good staff services, good food/drinks and of course Great Classic Rock music.

Head to a Bar 

As a Hard Rock music lover, another thing to do in Las Vegas is to visit a rock’n’roll bar. The best Hard Rock bars to visit in Las Vegas include: The Dive, Beauty Bar, Double Down Saloon, The Rock House and so on. One amazing act set up by these Bars is karaoke and who doesn’t love to belt out the classic hits after a few drinks?

Go to a Concert

As a lover of rock, concert-going is another must-do thing in Las Vegas. Vegas is a hot spot for musical acts, and there’s always someone in town. Raiding the Rock Vault is a must-attend show, with covers from bands such as Fleetwood Mac, The Who, Queen, The Eagles, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, and more. The Hard Rock Hotel also offers nightly shows, often by smaller – but no less fantastic – local bands.

Stay at the Hard Rock Hotel

This one might be obvious, but it bears repeating – if you’re a rock aficionado, then there’s only one hotel for you: The Hard Rock Hotel. You’ll have access to their venue (see above), as well as the chance to ogle a collection of rock paraphernalia in the lobby and casino.

Play Golf

Yes, you read that right. At The Rio Hotel and Casino, you can play as many rounds of black light, KISS-themed mini golf as your heart desires.  Put the ball through a giant tongue, a guitar, and more. It’s a can’t miss.


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