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The 5 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms on The Las Vegas Strip

Vegas is nothing if not luxurious, and we wanted to find out just HOW much luxury we can get, and how much it costs. These are some of the most expensive hotel rooms Las Vegas has to offer.  The Las Vegas Strip speak for themselves, so without further ado, the most expensive hotel rooms in Vegas are:

Caesar’s Palace – Octavius Tower Villas – $40,000/night

At a whopping $40,000 a night, Octavius Tower Villas at Caesars Palace is the most expensive “room” in Las Vegas; but it’s less a room and more a private mansion.  At around 10,000 square feet each, the three Villas collectively feature amenities like game rooms, bars, pool tables, pianos, steam showers, and remote controlled toilets. (Yes, you read that right.) They’re individually themed, one Grecian style, one ‘Old World Spanish,’ and the third ‘French.’ The terrace on each contains a jacuzzi and fire pit, and stunning views.  The villas have a private elevator, 24/7 butler service, formal dining rooms, a library, and media rooms.  Vegas can wait – you’ll have absolutely no reason to leave this suite.

The Venetian – Chairman’s Suites – $25,000/night

3+ bedrooms.  A personal butler.  A karaoke room.  A private salon.  These are just some of the perks you get at The Venetian’s Chairman’s Suites. The room is equipped with 27 televisions, a spa, and a gym, along with a fully stocked wet bar.  At $25,000/night, you’ll be treated to the best and most luxurious treatment the Venetian has to offer. They’ll apparently fetch you anything you ask for – just so long as it’s legal – and are on call 24/7.

Mandarin Oriental – Multiple – $15,000+

The Mandarin Oriental has three different suites – the Emperor, the Mandarin, and the Taipan – all luxurious, all fantastic.  The largest, the Emperor, is a one bedroom with an open plan kitchen, living room, bar, dining room, media room, and a private fitness area.  And if 3,100 square feet of space isn’t enough, you can add on an adjoining bedroom.  Prices start at $15,000, but hey, at least limo transportation to and from the airport is included, as is usage of Tian Quan Thermal and Water Experience.

Aria – Sky Suites Villas – $7,500

Not a fan of big pool crowds? You’re in luck at the Aria, where the Sky Suites Villas have their own, private pool.  The rooms range from 2,0o0 – 7,000 square feet, 2-3 bedrooms, and feature a fitness center, private salon, full kitchen and bar, and 24/7 butler service.  You know, in case you get the midnight munchies.

Bellagio – President and Chairman – $5,000/night

At 4,000 square feet, there’s room for you and… whoever else you want at the Bellagio’s President and Chairman Suites.  Featuring 2 master bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a formal dining room, lounge, and more, this home away from home is, in fact, probably better than home. The Chairman Suite has a solarium, indoor garden, and fireplace for a relaxing day in, and the suite itself has floor to ceiling windows for beautiful views.  The best part though is the suspended bridge you walk over to get to the private area.  It’s like joining the best worst kept secret, for just $7,000/night.

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