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5 Best Las Vegas Movie Theaters

Las Vegas is a luxurious city which is usually known for the premium life. Simply known as Vegas, it is ranked 28th among the most populous cities in the United States. Las Vegas is known for having a lot of major resorts and also being the center of casino gambling, luxury shopping, exquisite cuisine, tourist entertainment, and a wild night scene. It also plays host to a lot of world standard movie theaters and below are the best five in no particular order.

Fabulous Theaters

Regal Cinemas Downtown Summerlin 5

The Regal Cinemas Downtown is located at number 2070 Park Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV. It is known as one of the best cinemas in Las Vegas and is popular for its electrically reclining seats with comfortable sizes and a swing table to keep all your movie goodies on. Reviews confirm that the seats are super comfortable and their customer service is remarkable. The rates for movies and snacks are also quite fair as they are around normal pricing. The Regal Cinemas Downtown Summerlin is definitely a must try.

Brenden Theaters Las Vegas

The Brenden Theaters in the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas was established in 2001 and is high standard theater renowned for rocking luxury seats with a high back and arranged in stadium like seating. It also boasts of THX digital quality sound and wall to wall screens. It also has an IMAX theater and a Dolby Digital theater which makes this cinema quite peculiar.

Century Orleans 18

Located at 4500 W Tropicana Avenue in Las Vegas, the standard of excellence is great. Reclining seats, a comfortable experience, quality sound and great customer service. Their employees are very friendly and always ready to help. This cinema is also quite neat and clean. It also boasts of 19 screens with enough space between rows to accommodate people trying to pass through. It’s definitely one cinema that you have to visit.


Galaxy Green Valley Luxury + Cinemas

Galaxy Green Valley Luxury + 4500 is located at E Sunset Rd Ste 10 (Green Valley Parkway), Henderson in Las Vegas, Nevada. The theater has great reclining seats, an exquisite selection of wine and beer and a remarkable team of employees. They’ve mastered the art of customer service and always keep a pleasant smile on their face. The pricing is also cheaper than a lot of big theaters of similar magnitude. The theater assigns seats when you preorder. This is definitely one of the best movie experiences you can get in Las Vegas.


Eclipse Theaters

Eclipse Theaters is located at 814 S 3rd St (at Gass Ave) in Las Vegas and is quite popular. Reclining seats like many cinemas of its standard, nice and clean environment, pricey but tasty food and a blue button for staff attention. It also has an IMAX and Dolby Digital Theater in this theater. The theater is rarely crowded and their loyalty cards are great. This is definitely another cinema to visit in Las Vegas.

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