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Which Buffets in Las Vegas Are Open?

Which Las Vegas buffets are still open?

Buffets have been synonymous with the Las Vegas experience for decades. Whether you were looking to get stuffed for under $10 or looking to try a wide variety of gourmet for closer to $100, Las Vegas buffets had you covered.

Unfortunately, much has changed over the last few years and many buffets have closed permanently. ThingsToDoInLasVegas explains why many Las Vegas buffets have disappeared and lists which ones are still open.

Why Did Most of the Casino Buffets Close?

There are two major reasons why many buffets in Las Vegas closed shop. The first and most obvious is the COVID-19 pandemic. While all restaurants were closed at the height of the pandemic, many hotels and resorts chose not to reopen their buffets when restrictions were lifted. Hotel owners felt that many locals and tourists would be uncomfortable with the potential spread of germs at a buffet.

That said, some hotel owners used the pandemic as an excuse to shutter their buffets, which was something that was always planned. This is the second reason for buffet closures. For decades, buffets had been used as a way to get people into a casino with a lure of affordable food or comped food (buffet comps were typically the easiest to get). However, more and more resorts are relying less on gambling revenue. While gambling is still a large chunk of what most Las Vegas resorts pull in, restaurants, shopping, shows, and rooms have become larger slices in most hotels’ revenue pies.

Some hotels viewed buffet eaters as low-value customers that didn’t generate much revenue for the casino. Some old buffets have been replaced with full-service restaurants or food halls, which attract different types of customers and are potentially more profitable.

Don’t Worry. There Are Still Some Great Buffets in Las Vegas!

While there currently aren’t as many buffets in Las Vegas as there were five years ago, the good news is that there are still plenty of excellent ones at a variety of price points. Here’s a list of Las Vegas buffets that you can still enjoy.

The buffets above cover a wide variety of gastronomic bliss. Whether you’re looking for the decadent delights offered by The Buffet at Wynn, looking to maximize calories per dollar at the Circus Buffet, or want to dine in the uniquely beautiful room offered by the Garden Court Buffet, you have many excellent choices.

Looking for More Things to Do in Las Vegas?

Although there aren’t as many Las Vegas buffets as there were in the past, this list should help satisfy your cravings for an all-you-can-eat experience. Of course there are so many other amazing things to do while you’re here. Whether you’re looking for other types of dining, the latest shows, or luxurious spas, ThingsToDoInLasVegas has you covered.

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