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5 Mediterranean Restaurants in Las Vegas

If you’re craving hummus, pita, falafel, and shawarma, look no further. We’ve got 5 great places to find some great Mediterranean restaurants in Las Vegas – and best of all, they’re all kosher!

Great Mediterranean Restaurants in Las Vegas

Haifa Restaurant

In addition to traditional Israeli dishes, Haifa Restaurant also offers Shabbat meals to go for 2 for $60. It comes complete with 4 challah rolls, gefilte fish, chicken entrees or mini roast, 4 side dishes, candles, cutlery, and more. You can also get a Shabbat Lunch Box for $15 which includes a sandwich with coleslaw or potato salad.

Anise Tapas & Grill

This unique restaurant offers Mediterranean inspired small plates. They serve everything from traditional hummus, salads, falafel, and shakshuka, as well as dishes inspired by other cuisines. For example, try the drunken avocado empanadillas, or the pimientos shiseido with spicy Japanese pepper.

Simon & Joe’s Eatery

Simon & Joe’s is your stop for Kosher pizza, salads, and especially khachapuri. Jam out to Israeli tunes while you enjoy their “pizza sambusak,” and indulge in some specialty desserts – made fresh daily!

Sababa Mediterranean Grill

“It’s all good” at Sababa, where you can find all the classics – hummus, falafel, matzo ball soup, and more. If you’re looking for a relaxed eatery with delicious food, great atmosphere, and a good time, Sababa is the place for you.

Jerusalem Bar and Grill

In addition to an outstanding menu, full of delicious Mediterranean fare, Jerusalem Bar and Grill also offers Shabbat catering services. Friday night Kuddish offers 1 appetizer, 1 main chicken or beef entree, 1 hot side dish, and 2 homemade salads for $55 per person. Choose from a wide array of selections, including tilapia schnitzel, beef and lamb meatballs with marinara, fried eggplant, and of course, hummus.

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