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5 Reasons To Visit The Erotic Heritage Museum

 There are places that you would never believe could be and, might only exist in your imagination. One of which is the Erotic Heritage Museum. Located a few blocks of Vegas strip, in the shadow of the giant gold phallus known as the “Trump Hotel” sits the Erotic Heritage Museum. Formerly opened in 2008, just for the purpose of trapping tourist who wouldn’t mind being titillated with a “Puppetry Of The Penis” performance, this museum holds even more significance than expected. Here are five reasons why you should visit the Erotic Heritage Museum!

Erotic Heritage Museum

Educational and Informative Exhibits

Even though one would think only the worst of this museum, there are exhibits that educate the public on politics and sex. It also discusses how sexual abuse is on the rise between school teachers and students. There are also exhibits that shows a collection created and dedicated to the progression of human sexuality. These include artworks, posters, erotica cinema from the early era. It also includes a wall of shame with a list of numerous politicians who have been caught with their pants down.

The Significance Of Activism

As the country began to enter the era of Trump, the museum were big on calling out the sexual hypocrisy of political leaders who would seek to restrict women’s sexual and reproductive acts while engaging in deviant acts. A talking statue of Trump greets visitors in the main entrance of the exhibit hall. Long ago, the cutouts of Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton were the favourite attraction at this museum.

Interesting Way To Past The Time

There are so many pictures, exhibits, artifacts and cinema that depicts the progression of porn movies from the early 50s to modern porn. The displays are beautiful, fun and educative. A perfect place to spend the day with your partner and just enjoy each other’s company.

It’s Inexpensive

To enjoy all of this amazing artifacts and exhibits, it costs only $15 which is relatively low compared to other museums.

Easy To Locate

This museum is easy to locate depending on your own location. It is located at 3257 Sammy Davis Jr. and a walking distance from the Las Vegas strip.

This museum also has some of its items presented like; paintings, sketches, sculptures, porcelain figurines and watercolours for sale.


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