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5 Fun Equestrian Activities You Can Do in Las Vegas

We all know horseback riding lessons can be expensive.  But if  you’ve always loved horses and wanted to ride, or just wanted to spend some time with these amazing creatures, here are five places in Las Vegas where you can go horseback riding, see a show, or simply pet an elderly mare.

South Point Arena

South Point Arena is a horse-lover’s haven, where you can watch races, place bets, and visit the equestrian center! Come out and tour the exhibit hall, full of art and all things horse. South Point Arena holds a myriad of events, including Western Night, rodeos, and horse shows.

Horseback Riding Tours

Despite being an urban metropolis, Las Vegas has some of the best nature preserves and national parks in the United States. And what better way to see them than horseback riding? Choose from a variety of tours, including sunrise, sunset, and all day rides! You’ll be guided by a professional, so whether you’re experienced or a novice, there’s a tour for you! Check out the options here!


If you’re a service member, a veteran, First Responder, nurse, or serve the community in another capacity, Horses4Heroes wants to make horseback riding affordable for you. Dedicated to helping those who help us and keep us safe, this awesome organization offer riding lessons, day camps, and other equestrian activities at reasonable prices.

Shiloh Horse Rescue

Shiloh Horse Rescue cares for elderly and end of life horses, and as such, isn’t open to the public very often.  However, they do have Open Barn Days!  On these days, anyone is allowed to come and meet the horses, and learn about the organization and their mission.  You can’t ride them, but it’s a wonderful opportunity to pet and love on some aging horses, and get some love in return.

Bonnie Springs

Another horseback riding activity, you can take a tour of Bonnie Springs on horseback! They also offer horse boarding facilities, specialty and group rides, pony rides, guided tours on trails, and even horseback weddings! Bonnie Springs also has a restaurant, saloon, and other activities to do on the ranch or nearby!

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