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The Best Shows To See In Las Vegas On A Budget

We all know that a Las Vegas vacation is the furthest thing from cheap. But if you are planning a trip to Sin City, even on a tight budget, you can still have an amazing experience without breaking the bank to do it. Steer clear of the casino floor and spend your hard earned dollars on some of the city’s stage shows, and you won’t walk away disappointed.

Whether you have been to Las Vegas or not, you are probably well aware of the fact that it’s known for its glamorous stage shows, which cover almost every genre you could ever think of. If you play your cards right you can see plenty of shows for less than you might think!

Blue Man Group

For a truly unique experience, make time during your Sin City visit to attend the Blue Man Group’s show at the Luxor. As long as flashing lights and the constant beat of a drum don’t bother you, you may find the Blue Man Group oddly fascinating. Their off the wall brand of entertainment will leave a lasting impression on you that will endure long after you have left Las Vegas and returned home.


In the mood for a more classic Las Vegas stage show? Then don’t wait to purchase your tickets for Jubilee at Bally’s. This is a modern day take on a show long associated with Vegas. With close to 100 men and women busting some amazing dance moves right before your eyes, Jubilee consists of 95 minutes of production numbers covering everything from Samson and Delilah to the sinking of the Titanic. Since 1981, Bally’s Las Vegas has been associated with the image of the Las Vegas showgirl.

X Burlesque

If more risqué entertainment is something you crave, Sin City is the perfect place for it. Specifically, X Burlesque, at The Flamingo, where you can experience the sexier side of Las Vegas. Six topless women will remind you exactly what Las Vegas is all about and why “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” The show combines dancing with some of today’s hottest music. We dare you to watch this show and not leave feeling reinvigorated in a way you never have before.

Thunder From Down Under

To get a feel for Australia without having to go there, the Thunder From Down Under show at Excalibur is worth scoring tickets for. In some ways, the female equivalent of X Burlesque, this long running show gets the heart of every woman or man in the room fluttering like a butterfly. The anticipation of watching the buff male cast strip, one piece of clothing at a time, is enough to drive you crazy in the best possible ways. You’ll likely leave this show out of breath, but satisfied.

These are just a few of the Las Vegas stage shows you can see on a budget. While you can purchase tickets for most the same day as the show, consider purchasing them in advance for the best chance at getting a discounted rate. Seeing the shows that define Las Vegas doesn’t have to cost a small fortune!

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