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Blue Man Group

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Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group

is a dazzling combination of comedy, theater, rock music and a dance party! Experience Las Vegas like never before with this outrageous show full of color and entertainment. Don’t settle for a dull night, spend it dancing and rocking out to the music of the Blue Man Group.

Times and Location

Location: Luxor Hotel Casino
Show Length: Approximately 90 minutes



When you head to the Luxor to check out the Blue Man Group, you will have your chance to experience the ultimate sensory overload. The blue bros head to the stage and push the volume to the limit.

This is an audiovisual delight unlike any other. The Blue Man Group at Luxor also offers you the opportunity to enjoy a show that is fun for the entire family. No matter how many times you may have seen this show, it simply never gets old.

Their disembodied narrators will certainly profess to have a great deal of knowledge about important topics like social evolution and human nature. However, the three voiceless, earless, blue skinned stars are oddly oblivious and clad in black from head to toe.

Audiences are even able to become an integral part of the production.  Spend a night swimming in the sounds, sights and confetti! This show has to offer is something you simply cannot pass up.

The show is full of good clean fun, as there are several variety acts to enjoy and several quick change illusions, but its true appeal lies in the company’s use of signature music, which played on makeshift instruments.

With its unique special effects and lights, Blue Man Group is far from just a show with a soundtrack, it should be considered to be a soundtrack with a show. Unconventionally educational while remaining fun, you’ll get to have plenty of laughs, and you’ll maybe even cut a rug or two.

Go ahead and suspend your disbelief, after all, allowing yourself to be consumed by a piece of entertainment that is provided by a group of blue men is a perfectly reasonable way to live.

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