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Las Vegas Lights 2021 Season Kicks Off in May

Las Vegas Lights 2021 season

The Las Vegas Lights 2021 season starts on May 5, 2021. Big things are expected from the Silver State’s United Soccer League (USL) Championship team this year. On the pitch, the team has announced a partnership with Major League Soccer’s (MLS) Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC). The two teams have agreed to a player-affiliation arrangement, so expect to see some top talent from America’s top division playing for the Lights.

For fans, the club offers a wide variety of season ticket options, including inflatable pools right on the sideline. Lights games are considered one of the best values in Las Vegas, with affordable seating, quality entertainment, and an intimate atmosphere. With improved quality on the pitch and fans anxious for something to cheer for, the Las Vegas Lights 2021 season should bolster that reputation.

When Is the Las Vegas Lights 2021 Season Home Opener?

Although the team’s season begins in May, its first month of play will be on the road. The Lights won’t kick off at Cashman Field until June 5, 2021. That Saturday, the team will be taking on the Tacoma Defiance, the Seattle Sounders’ USL affiliate.

Las Vegas Lights 2021 Season Tickets

How Much Do Las Vegas Lights Season Tickets Cost?

Las Vegas Lights 2021 season tickets are very affordable, even at the highest levels. Ticket prices for 16 home games include:

  • $200 for general admission
  • $350 for reserved sideline seating
  • $600 for VIP indoor seating

How About Individual Tickets?

As part of its Summer of Soccer promotion to help the city recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, Las Vegas Lights FC has reduced single-game ticket prices for two of its tiers. This season, individual ticket prices will be:

  • $5 for people under 16
  • $10 for general admission
  • $15 for reserved sideline
  • $45 for VIP indoor seating
Las Vegas Lights Pitch Side Pools

What Are the Pitch Side Pool Seats?

One of the most enjoyable ways to watch the Las Vegas Lights 2021 season is pitch side pool seating. Up to four fans can rent an inflatable pool right on the sideline. These seats are perfect for Lights supporters that want to get as close to the action as possible, while wanting to stay cool during the sweltering Vegas heat. If you don’t want to fully submerge, stools are provided so that you can dip your legs in the pool while watching the action.

Pitch side pools can be rented for $50 plus $10 per person. Pool fees are 50% off for season ticket holders.

Support Las Vegas Lights FC!

Whether you’re looking for a new football team to support or simply looking for something fun and inexpensive to do in Las Vegas, going to a Lights game is an excellent choice. Tickets are affordable, the matchday vibe is fantastic, and there are many great things to do in nearby downtown Las Vegas after the games. While the Las Vegas Lights may not be the first thing that comes to mind when people think of Sin City, its games are one of the town’s hidden treasures.

Looking for more fun things to do in Las Vegas? Be sure to keep up with our blog for the latest features. This summer should have Vegas back to normal and we’ll help you stay up to date with the best nightlife activities, spectacular shows, newest hotels, and more.

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