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Lee’s Discount Liquor — El Capitan / Durango

Lee's Discount Liquor | El Capitan & Durango

Your Liquor Store Away from Home

In town on vacation? Then look no further than Lee’s Discount Liquor on El Capitan Way for a friendly and helpful liquor store experience. You won’t regret it after you get to the store and find a large selection of fine wines, specialty liquors, and beers, all at a competitive price.

And if you don’t know what you’re looking for, no problem. Their staff is eager to help and will walk you through any questions you have to ensure that you leave with an alcoholic beverage that will put you in fine spirits. 

Less than Five Miles from Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino

Just minutes from the Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino, this Northwest Las Vegas liquor store is an ideal stop when you want to restock your personal liquor cabinet before a night at the casino, or a leisurely day at the pool.  

Call the store directly to learn current business hours.

Lee’s Discount LiquorEl Capitan / Durango Liquor Store
7752 El Capitan Way
Las Vegas, NV 89143
 (702) 805-9500

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