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Safety Tips for Summer Hikes at Red Rock

Red Rock Canyon offers lots of opportunities for summer hikes through ragged cliffs, boulder fields, rusty red rock formations, and twisting, shallow canyons. It has everything you need for an entire day of memorable outdoor activity. Before you begin your summer hiking adventure, it is recommended that you take certain safety measures.

Following are some safety tips for summer hikes at Red Rock:

Prepare Ahead of Time

If you are well prepared, then solving problems will be easier for you during your hiking adventure. It is recommended that you check weather forecasts before hiking as bad weather conditions can be disastrous. Hydrate before you take your hike and also stay hydrated during the hike. Although the best time to hike at Red Rock is around the winter months, but if you are planning for summer hikes, then make sure that you beat the heat by doing the hikes as early as you can.

Exercise the Buddy System

It is highly recommended that you take a friend on your summer hike at Red Rock. In this way, if anything unfortunate happens during the hike, you will have someone watching your back.

Climbing Gear

Red Rock has many bottlenecks, so including doubles is often essential. If you intend to use a camera, then get one which is mostly in the thin to hand size. Extra rap rings and rap slings are also a good idea for many of the routes, particularly for blocks and trees. You will also need a pair of comfy climbing shoes and a Velcro shoe or relatively tight slipper for sport climbing. A helmet is also essential. It will protect you from both dropped gear from climbers above as well as potential loose rock.

Non-Climbing Gear

Make sure to have a good supply of water, both for camping and climbing days. Sun hats and sunscreen are also a must. A headlamp will also prove useful during getting out of the canyons in case it gets dark. Also get a small knife to cut the old webbing at rappels. A small GPS device and cell phones will also be helpful in case of an emergency. Don’t forget the camera!

Try Easier Climbs First

If you are not used to sandstone, then it is highly recommended that you try the easier climbs first in order to get used to the often fragile rock.

Use Extreme Caution

Apart from the standard warnings about hiking, Red Rock is a pretty safe place, but people fall off and die at Red Rock every year. That’s why you should exercise extreme caution anytime you are high enough to potentially fall and get hurt. For technical rock climbers, Red Rock is a fun and easy hiking spot, but don’t let watching those expert climbers goad you into doing something that you shouldn’t. Furthermore, the Scenic Loop Road is popular with high-performance motorcycles, bicyclists, and walkers, so drive very carefully and look both ways before you attempt to cross the road.

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