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What to Do at the Fremont Street Experience

There’s no end to what you can do on Fremont Street.  From bars to restaurants, zip lines to gift shops, chapels to malls, you’ll never be bored in downtown LV. Here’s a list of just some of the awesome things you can check out while you’re at the Fremont Street Experience!

Knock Back a Few Beers

Banger Brewery in Downtown Las Vegas is a great place to kick back, relax, eat, and enjoy a few (or more) beers with friends. They have a variety of year round brews, such as the El Heffe, a Jalapeno Hefeweizen infused with roasted jalapeno, serrano, habanero, and green and red bell peppers; or try one of their seasonal or specialty brews, like the Spring Training, a grapefruit infused Saison. Sit outside and watch the Fremont Street crowd while sipping your beer and munching on a meat and cheese plate.  It doesn’t get much better.

Get Hitched

Looking for a place to get married? Don’t want a lot of fuss? Check out the Little Neon Chapel, a Vegas staple.  Go traditional, or invite Elvis* to officiate!  They also do everything from simple to extravagant, for as low as $50. You can even rent a tux, gown, get your hair and makeup done, and all that jazz! If it’s hassle free you’re looking for, the Little Neon Chapel is a great (and campy) way to get hitched.

*Not really Elvis shhhh.

Go the Mall… Sorta

Just as you enter Fremont Street, Neonopolis looms above, an outdoor, mall-esque area on multiple stories, full of shops and fun things to do.  Check out Toy Shack, get a tattoo, get hitched (see: Little Neon Chapel), grab some grub, and more! You’ll find an art museum, a Nerd Bar, a store full of beef jerky, and so many other wonderful, odd things.

Don’t Skip the Gift Shop

If you’re looking for trinkets to take home, or simply want to gaze on all the bizarre Vegas paraphernalia for sale, you have to check out some of the Gift Shops on Fremont Street, like Crazy Ely Western Village, Viva Vegas F2, and the Las Vegas Frontier Gift Shop.  From chocolate poker chips to sparkly t-shirts, from magnets to snow globes and more, these gift shops are sure to delight with all their crazy odds and ends.

Take a Selfie or 10

Fremont Street is full of photo ops, from flashy neon casino signs to the hunky street performers who will (literally) sweep you off your feet. Make sure you catch Famous Vic, an old, classic Neon Sign that still watches over the party goers.  If you duck inside Binyons, you can take a photo with a million bucks; in Main Street Station, pop in the gents for a quick one with an actual piece of the Berlin Wall; and in Golden Nugget, you can take a photo op with – you guessed it – a giant golden nugget.  And, of course, there’s always the awkward neck craning that goes into trying to get a picture of the light show overhead on the world’s largest screen.

Listen to Live Music

From the main stage to street performers, Fremont Street is always bustling with live music.  Stop for a while and enjoy the bands on stage, or gather round the musicians and entertainers on the street! From solo violinists to punk bands, Fremont Street does it all.


If you’re looking for a thrill, or just a different point of view, check out Slotzilla, the largest slot machine in the world and a great ride.  Seated or strapped in like superman, you’ll sail over everyone on Fremont Street. You’ll be completely above it all as you fly from one end to the other. You’ll be closer to those bright neon lights than ever before!


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