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8 Hipster Coffee Shops in Las Vegas That We Love

Sometimes you just want to spend a few hours in a cool coffee shop with unique food options, delicious coffee, original ambiance, and good music.  Or, in other words, a hipster cafe.  We make fun of them a bit, but we love them and their artisan coffee, their wood paneling, and their hard to find bathrooms.  So here are 8 hipster coffee shops in Las Vegas to grab a (fancy) cup o’ joe.


Makers and Finders

Located in downtown Las Vegas, Makers & Finders definitely has hipster cred. The wicker-looking chairs, the pillow-topped benches, and the industrial-style ceiling all come together to create the perfect, Portland-esque coffee shop. They serve delicious Latin American fare, such as homemade empanadas, and latin poutine (with queso, cotija cheese, homemade gravy, bacon, and a fried egg),as well as artisan coffee drinks. Definitely try the Mexican Spice Latte with spiced mocha syrup and clove; or if coffee’s not your thing, they also have a variety of teas, beers, wines, and cocktails. And, of course, vegan options, like the Gardein Lime Chicken, a grilled gardein breast, asparagus, mushroom, carrot, and chimichurri. Hipster score: 10/10.

Hours: Mon – Sat, 7am – 8pm; Sat – Sun, 7am – 9pm
Price: $$



PublicUS will probably let you bring your bike inside, so automatic hipster points there. This downtown cafe is canteen style, with plenty of space and seating. Nothing is served in a mason jar, but they do have some beautiful plates and saucers to serve up their macadamia nut paste late, or their rasa lila, with turmeric, ginger, and a citrus juice blend. Foodwise, there are – of course – plenty of vegan and veggie options, including the Winter Bliss Bowl, with curried quinoa, kale, sweet potatoes, curried cauliflower, mushrooms, hummus, and more. They also have a variety of cookies, muffins, croissants, and other pastries. Hipster Score: 8/10

Hours: daily, 7am – 7pm
Price: $$


Sambalatte loses hipster points for having more than one location, but gains them back instantly with a rainbow latte.  RAINBOW.  LATTE.  We’re sold. These cafes serve a variety of pastries, as well as sandwiches and wraps, either made to order or ready made Starbucks-style.  But, they have couches, and outdoor seating for when it isn’t blazing hot in Vegas, and a section on their website called “Coffee Artistry.” It’s a comfortable place to sit and relax and hang out with friends, and their macaroons are amazing. Did we mention a rainbow latte? Hipster score: 9/10

Hours: varies
Price: $$

East Side

Sunrise Coffee

Sunrise Coffee is a bit more hippie than hipster, but we’ll take it. Food items have funky names for their items like “Aliens Left a Burrito in the Middle East,” and “Morning Crunches.” a vegan, gluten free pb&b bread with honey and granola. They also serve amazing lattes, like the Truffle Berry, and a spectacular Orange Mocha, along with cookies, croissants, bagels, and muffins – with plenty of vegan and gluten free options. Hipster score: 6/10.

Hours: daily, 6am – 9pm
Price: $


West Side

The Patio  

Doesn’t have a real website? Check.  Serves stuff in mason jars? Check. Fairy lights and oddly placed plants? Check mate.  The Patio is a lovely Asian bakery and coffeehouse serving classics like honey toast, Hong Kong Waffles, and a myriad of teas and ice creams.  Everything on the menu looks delicious, from the Super Blue Lavender Tea (it’s really blue!) to the Matcha Red Bean Cake with Blackberry Sauce. They, too, have a rainbow latte. The atmosphere is more cute chic than it is hardcore industrial hipster, but we love it all the same. Hipster score: 7/10.

Hours: Wed – Sun, 12pm – 1am
Price: $$

Illuminati Brew Society

An owl penning a missive watches you order at Illuminati Brew Society, and that’s really all the cred we need. And still, there’s more.  They do open mic nights, serve tons of blended drinks with mile high whipped cream, quiche, cookies, and a homemade nutella braid. They, too, only have a Facebook page, where you can ogle the frapes and drool over the chicken pesto wrap. Their coffee drinks are artfully made, with beautiful layers and the occasional Illuminati symbol on top. Hipster score: 10/10

Hours: Mon – Sat, 6am – 12am; Sun 8am – 8pm
Price: $




MadHouse Coffee

MadHouse Coffee has a Banksy-inspired painting of Pulp Fiction where John and Samuel have been replaced by monkeys.  We’re done here.  But, for real – the chalkboards are framed with gold, the macaroons are bright blue, there are vegan options, and a dog is featured on their website. Even minus a few points for the extra location, it still gets 11/10.

Hours: 24/7
Price: $

Grouchy John’s

It’s totally worth braving Grouchy John’s wrath for the Chewbacca, a coffee drink with cookie butter and dark chocolate sauce, or a Butterbeer Latte, ripped from the pages of Harry Potter and delivered to your palate with butterscotch and salted caramel. Or, for less of a sugar high, try the Sunny Day, a mango, pineapple, and maraschino cherry smoothie.  Pair with assorted muffins or pastries, and you’re all set. Oh, and they have a food cart. Hipster score: 8/10

Hours: daily, 5am – 9pm; drivethru 24/7
Price: $

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