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Where to Find the Best Mac n Cheese in Las Vegas

Sometimes, you gotta say ‘forget the diet’ and go for the creamiest, cheesiest, carbiest thing you can find.  Which, more than likely, is going to be a delicious bowl (plate/napkin/handful) of mac n cheese.  Whether you appreciate the classic baked bubbly or more experimental flavors, here’s a list of some of the best mac n cheeses in Las Vegas, and where to find them, along with some, how shall we say, cheesy puns. 


Chow (Downtown)

  • Spicy Sriracha Mac & Cheese – $5.00


You cheddar believe this spicy mac is A+.


Rock ‘N’oodles (Downtown)

  • Sweet Home Alabama – smoked gouda with purple onion and bacon, topped with buttermilk marinated popcorn chicken and bbq sauce – $11.25/7.5
  • Buffalo Soldier – blue cheese, buffalo chicken, julienned carrots and celery – $11.25/7.5
  • Return of the Mac – cheddar cheese, ground beef, and diced bacon – $7


Three different kinds of mac n cheese?! Choose caerphilly.



Firefly (Off Strip)

  • Manchego Mac n Cheese – baked, with a tomato-pepper relish – $9.50


Man, chego this dish! Doesn’t it look delish?



Aces and Ales (North Vegas, Nellis)

  • House Mac on Crack – Sweet cream and specialty cheeses topped with a breadcrumb crust – $9
  • Buffalo Chicken – mozzerella, bleu cheese, chicken, and buffalo hot sauce – $11


They both look so good! I camembert to pick just one!


Freedom  Beat (Downtown)

  • Double Grilled Mac & Cheese – roasted chili macaroni on sourdough – $10


You will be so grilled to see this dish!



Carson Kitchen (Downtown)

  • Baked Mac & Cheese – secret recipe! – $12


This is nacho usual mac n cheese….



The Barrymore (Off Strip)

  • Lobster Mac & Cheese – $17


It sounds so gouda, it couldn’t brie better!


Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse (Off Strip)

  • Lobster Mac & Cheese – $18.5


Your grate expectations for this lobster mac will not be disappointed.



Yardbird – The Venetian (The Strip)

  • Mac & Cheese – 5 artisanal cheeses, trottole pasta, and a crispy herb crust


Even Brie-yonce approves of this amazing combination!



Bruxie (The Strip)

  • Angry Mac & Cheese – buffalo-spiced cheese sauce and bacon


Missing out on this dish is a feta worse than death!



FIX – The Bellagio (The Strip)

  • Ultimate Mac & Cheese – deep fried, with truffle oil and prosciutto


There’s no better homage to fromage than this!


Public School 702 (Summerlin)

  • Chorizo Mac & Cheese – emmental, cheddar, kale, sea salt, and vinegar crunch


Chorizo in mac n cheese? Emmental, my dear Watson.



Ri Ra Irish Pub – Mandalay Bay (The Strip)

  • Irish Cheddar Mac – vintage cheddar sauce and mushrooms with a crispy top; add chicken or shrimp


This Irish mac is for mature customers only.



Mac Burgers & Sandwiches

Tup’s Speciality Sandwiches (Off Strip)

  • Mac Attack – bacon, honey ham, tomato, american and cheddar cheese on panini bread – $10


You will be so grateful you decided to try this amazing sandwich!



Aces and Ales  (North Vegas, Nellis)

  • Great Mac Attack Burger – house mac n cheese, applewood bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, more cheese, and crack sauce – $13


Nothing goes better with this burger than beer, beer, and morbier.  



Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar – The LINQ (The Strip)

  • Bacon Mac n Cheese Burger – applewood bacon, 6 cheese mac n cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, more cheese, and donkey sauce on a brioche bun – $21.50


We’re poutine everything on this burger except the kitchen sink!



Got a favorite mac n cheese dish in Las Vegas? Let us know! Tweet us at @things2dovegas or find us on Facebook here! Tired of our puns?  Tough cheese.

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