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5 Las Vegas Thrill Rides You Won’t Want to Miss!

Las Vegas Thrill Rides

Las Vegas offers many thrills, from helicopter rides over the dazzling Strip to an array of after-hour parties that don’t stop even when you do.  But if you’re looking for an even greater adrenaline rush, check out these five thrill rides and Las Vegas roller-coasters, sure to give you a scream!

  1. The Inverter – Adventuredome

If roller-coasters aren’t quite your thing, but you still want that head-rush of spinning upside down, you’ll want to try out the Inverter at Adventuredome in Circus Circus. Not only does it take you 50 feet up and swing you back and forth, it also pauses mid flight, so you can look down.

  1. Big Apple Coaster – New York, New York

If roller-coasters are your thing, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on New York, New York’s Big Apple Coaster. 180-degrees of literal hair-raising fun, the Big Apple will take you up, down, and round and round at 67 miles per hour.  You can even get married on the Coaster!

  1. Insanity – The Stratosphere

Test your fear of heights with this epic ride at The Stratosphere.  At 900 feet in the air, the Insanity holds you out over downtown Las Vegas at a 70 degree angle.  Not one for the faint of heart, this ride then turns you around and around the Stratosphere.

  1. El Loco – Adventuredome

El Loco lives up to its name perfectly–it’s one crazy ride. With 180 degree turns, barrel drops, and 1.5 vertical Gs, this steel roller-coaster is one of the most intense in the world.  Indoors at Adventuredome in Circus Circus, El Loco is 1,300 feet of dire adventure!

  1. X-Scream at The Stratosphere

This “giant teeter totter” is 860 feet up and goes almost 30 feet over the edge of The Stratosphere. For those afraid of heights, it’s an absolute terror. But if you’re looking for a massive adrenaline rush or simply a thrill, X-Scream is the ride for you.

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