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New York New York

New York-New York

New York New York Hotel & Casino

The New York New York is perfect for the whole family. With its famous and fast roller coaster wrapping around the hotel, your vacation is sure to be just as thrilling. Hang out in the arcade, or lounge in an accommodating room/suite. Visit the spa or dine in one of the top-rated restaurants.

If you’ve never made it to the Big Apple, this place is a close second. It’s got a mini-Brooklyn Bridge you can walk over, a mini-Statue of Liberty, Chrysler Building, and more! Experience all the great things about New York without ever leaving your hotel!

Check out the “Village” eateries. Grab a slice and eat it leaning up against a “brownstone” under a fire escape. Or find a classic deli, and sit and people watch. NY-NY is a fun, family friendly hotel. It’s got enough spunk to intrigue the kiddos, but it’s not as cheesy as some of the other hotels. Plus it’s got loads of bars and delicious restaurants. It’s also a great place for solo travelers, friends, and couples looking to have fun. It’s not as wild as some of the other hotels and casinos, but it’s got a great piano bar and you can drink your heart out. Just don’t drink and roller coaster – it’s a bad combo.


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