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Ocean One Bar & Grille at Planet Hollywood

Ocean One Bar & Grille

Eat and Drink For Cheap Without Sacrificing Quality at Ocean One Bar & Grille

Ocean One Bar & Grille is known for its affordable prices. You can come here and fill up with some of the best selection of foods anywhere in Vegas. They also have a 3-for-1 cocktail special for just $10! You can’t beat it.

Starters include qusadillas, calamari, and wings. They also offer chef’s specialties, such as marinated flank steak and herb crusted chicken chop. You can also get tacos, sandwiches, salads, and more!

Also amazing is the $4.99 lunch. It’s one of the cheapest you’ll find on The Strip, and they serve over 1 million people a year from it!

Not to mention, 3 for 1 drinks. Now we’re talking.

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