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Oyster Bar at Harrah’s

Oyster Bar at Harrah's

Oyster Bar at Harrah’s

Located at Harrah’s, this oyster bar is like no other. Just think of fresh oysters brought in daily—literally within hours you’ll have some of the freshest options right on your plate. You can also try the squid, crab and scallops!

We definitely recommend you try the fresh off the docks oysters. They come in six different preparations, so no matter how you like them, you’ll love ’em. For example, try the bbq grilled oysters, or the pico de oysters!

If you’re not an oyster fan, that’s okay! The bar also offers seafood risotto, crab Louis salads, pasta dishes, blackened cajun scallops, and cioppino, a hearty seafood stew.

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