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Planet 13 Cannabis Lounge to Open in Q1 2024

Planet 13 Cannabis Lounge to Open in Q1 2024

Planet 13 Holdings has announced that it has received the first Nevada state cannabis consumption lounge license. The approval for a full license by the state of Nevada comes after the company received a prospective license in December 2022 from the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board. The Planet 13 cannabis lounge is projected to open in Q1 2024.

The Planet 13 dispensary is one of the most popular marijuana businesses in Nevada. It’s especially popular with tourists, many of whom are dazzled by the store’s 112,000 square feet of cannabis retail space. The company claims that its Las Vegas location is the “largest cannabis dispensary on planet Earth.”

In the Planet 13 cannabis lounge press release, Co-Ceo Larry Scheffler said:

“Receiving this confirmation from the state allows us to move on to the final design and buildout of our consumption lounge. The consumption lounge will be a huge step to unlocking the full potential of the SuperStore as a cannabis destination. It will give customers the ability to try products prior to buying, watch live entertainment, and enjoy food and drink in a social setting that matches Planet 13’s incredible experiential design standard.”

The Planet 13 marijuana consumption lounge will have space for live entertainment and will be able to be booked for private events, brand launches, and other unique events.

More Las Vegas Cannabis Lounges on the Way

While Planet 13 Holdings has received the first full cannabis lounge license in Nevada, competitor Thrive is expected to open the first Nevada marijuana lounge. Thrive expects its first cannabis lounge to open by the end of 2023. Both lounge openings are subject to passing all county public safety requirements.

The first round of Las Vegas cannabis lounges will be located off the strip. Casino lobbyists have worked hard to keep these lounges away from its properties. Some believe that this is due to casinos being concerned about the financial implications, while others believe that it’s for safety reasons.

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Excited for the Planet 13 Cannabis Lounge?

Las Vegas is known as the adult entertainment capital of the world and the upcoming Planet 13 cannabis lounge cements Sin City’s reputation as “Disneyland for adults.” Marijuana dispensaries will give locals and tourists alike a new type of fun. It will be interesting to see how these consumption lounges fare and how competitors will try to stand out. Whatever happens, one thing is for sure–it’s going to be a fantastic time to be a cannabis enthusiast in Las Vegas.

How do you feel about lounges for recreational marijuana use coming to Las Vegas? Are you excited? Will you partake? Do you think Planet 13’s lounge will be as big of a spectacle as its dispensary? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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