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The Venetian Gondola Rides

the venetian gondola rides

Find Romance in Las Vegas – Ride The Venetian Gondola Rides

For those who cannot make it to Venice to take a romantic gondola ride, Las Vegas offers the next best thing: the gondola ride at The Venetian. Authentic Venetian gondolas, talented gondoliers who sing romantic songs to set the mood for love and the striking architecture of the resort (and the Strip, if you take the outdoor ride) will remind you of how beautiful and romantic life can be. Whether you’re on a family vacation or a honeymoon, Gondola Ride at the Venetian is one of the most relaxing and entertaining things to do in Las Vegas.

Pick an Indoor or Outdoor Ride

There are two gondola ride options to choose from: outdoor or indoor. Usually people opt for an indoor ride because they don’t have to worry about the weather. Plus riders who pick the indoor option thoroughly enjoy drifting by St. Mark’s Square, the Canal Shoppes, restaurants and the sky mural that replicate the dimmed-light, romantic feel of Venice. In addition, if you take an indoor gondola ride, you’ll have more bridges to go under.

On the other hand, when the weather is nice, a night gondola ride outdoors is worth giving a try. Even though you won’t be able to deny that you are in Las Vegas, there’s something magical about this ride.

Both indoor and outdoor rides are the same ride time length (approximately 10 minutes) and price; they seat 4 people and have beautiful and authentic design.

The Venetian Gondola Rides depend very much on the gondolier. If you get a good gondolier, preferably Italian, who’s an amazing singer and wants to share funny and romantic stories and facts about Venice, your experience will be unparalleled. However, there are some bad gondoliers, too, who sing only the obligatory song and say nothing. For that reason, try to pick the one who’ll bring you back astonished and who’ll do his best to provide you an unforgettable Venetian gondola ride.

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