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Water Parks and Pools to Keep in Mind for Summer

As the temperatures rise and the days get longer in Vegas, there is no better way to stay cool than at water parks or pools. If you plan to visit Vegas in the traditional summer months, then it is recommended that you keep its best water parks and pools in mind.

Following are some water parks and pools to keep in mind for summer:


Mirage has a fantastic water area with many amazing waterfalls, amongst lots of greenery. This spot is truly heavenly and is filled with visitors, particularly during the weekend. You might face a bit difficulty finding an empty deck chair, however if you visit at a different time of the day or outside the weekend, you will find a great spot sooner or later. When you have found it, you will think that you are in some tropical island. No thumping or irritating music but only the waterfall sounds. This place is truly great for people of all ages. It is ideal for young and mature crowds.

Mandalay Bay

The beach area of Mandalay Bay is made of a man-made beach with machine-made waves that create a real sound of the ocean. This is an excellent spot if you want to pretend that you are at some Caribbean island resort. Here you can pick a deck chair that is close to the ‘shore’ and enjoy the amazing sounds of the waves instead of the sounds of the nearby bar. There are also many small pools as well as a water river ride which is quite fun. However, the entire area is packed so you will see people everywhere. The wave area of Mandalay Bay is packed with youngsters and children trying to play with the waves.


If you care about a huge water area but your budget is low, then Excalibur is an ideal place for you. They have one huge water area that features a fabulous waterfall and three additional smaller areas. Some of these areas cater to general visitors, some to children (water slides and so on), and some to couples. There is something for everyone at Excalibur. It has enough space to ensure that everyone has a spot. There is music, but it is more appropriate for the young crowds. Individuals who want to enjoy a calm and peaceful environment should find a spot near the waterfall area.


The Stratosphere offers a great combination of an outstanding amusement park and a pleasant swimming pool. The amusement park is located at the top of the Tower while the swimming pool (also known as Level 8 Pool) is located at the 8th floor of the hotel. Hotel’s 8th floor is a huge recreational area that accommodates not only a swimming pool, but also a hot tub, bars, café, and spots to enjoy amazing views of the Strip.

Bellagio, Wynn/Encore, Venetian/Palazzo are some other good water areas to keep in mind. Some of these are quite exclusive. They reflect the rest of the resort’s atmosphere and ambience as well as the type of crowds.

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