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Yellowtail at the Bellagio

Yellowtail at Bellagio


Yellowtail at Bellagio is a bar-like-lounge-like setting. You’d think that drinks would be center stage, but they aren’t. It’s Japanese fare that is brought to the table thanks to Chef Akira Back. One delight after another will keep you entertained while dining. Yellowtail at the Bellagio is the very best in Japanese food. From the décor to the bar to the food- you’ll love everything about it. Under the direction of Chef Akira Back this restaurant finds its place in Las Vegas restaurant greatness.

Enjoy cold shared plates like salmon yuzu tomatillo or toro caviar. Definitely make sure you have room for a specialty roll, like the popping spicy crab with cucumber, asparagus, and pop rocks.

They also have a dessert menu featuring items like apple harumaki and black and white sesame matcha cake. But the real kicker are the dessert sakes, like the nanbu bijin “akira back” with Japanese wild grapes and green plums.

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