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5 Great Las Vegas Bars on Fremont Street

In Las Vegas, the fun and entertainment never end. And the best places to catch up on old times or just relax are the amazing bars on Fremont Street. We’ve brought you the most exquisite bars with classic cocktails, beers, and other drinks or foods that’ll keep you partying without any care in the world!

Oak & Ivy –Your American Dream

At Oak & Ivy, you get served fresh, classic and perfect drinks, cocktails, and whiskeys. The Angel’s Envy Manhattan, Negroni, and Blood and Clovers are all cocktails crafted for your delight. To thrill your body, get down with any of the magical American whiskeys – Rowan’s Creek, Booker’s or even the Old Scout. For a classic whiskey bar with the perfect outdoor excitement, every day can be a moment in Paradise.

Bin702 – Special Wines, Cocktails and More

Looking for beer and wine on tap? Container Park has had Bin702 serving Fremont Street with the best draft beers, soft drinks, gin, rum, cocktail, and even tequila. If you like your cranberry juices smooth and special, get into this first-class bar and have your Desert Stop Sign. Bloody Beach or the Pucker Up, Pineapple is also a fantastic dream come true. You can also have the non-alcoholic Agent Cooper Loves Coffee or just try out their bottles – Veuve Clicquot (France), Sangiovese (Italy) or Blend (Columbia Valley). And if you’re up for the meats or cheese, don’t miss out on the Cabernet Mushrooms or the Turkey with smoked gouda. After you’ve had the salads, you’ll never skip it again.

Don’t Tell Mama – Party All Night!

Las Vegas is home to top-rated pianists and singers who help you get your groove on. This piano bar offers open mic where you can perform without the fear that someone’s going to scream “boo!” Every night, the party hits the roof at Don’t Tell Mama with Rock and Roll, Jazz, Broadway and many more genres to ignite your passion. If you’re planning your anniversaries, birthdays or other parties, fly down to Las Vegas with your group or friends to have the greatest time of your lives.

The Griffin – Find the C in Cool

Nobody ever misses a chance to try their drink iced or just grab a new feeling of excitement with friends. At The Griffin, you see and feel the tranquility of Las Vegas in a whole new light. While the streets are buzzing and music fills the air at every corner, you can sneak into this bar to get the classiest and most fascinating time with the ever-playing juke box. Cheap drinks? They never stop flowing. Trust us on that one. With a minimum of $4, you can go for the beer on tap! As the DJ keeps the lounge sprightly and the live music sails through your mind, you’ll be thankful you made that trip to Vegas again.

Atomic Liquors – The Oldest, The Greatest

Las Vegas will always brag about Atomic Liquors, its oldest freestanding bar. You get more than craft beers on tap-the bar food is a blend of traditional and New American. You can have your Veggie Burger or go for the chicken thighs or even the desserts (like Frostie & Fries).

Don’t miss out on any of the wow moments you can fall in love with at these great downtown Vegas bars. Las Vegas can’t wait to have you, and we at Things to Do in Las Vegas want you even more.

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