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Las Vegas Zombie Show – Zombie Burlesque

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ZOMBIE Burlesque

Las Vegas Zombie Show – Zombie Burlesque

Zombie Burlesque is the only show of its kind on the Las Vegas Strip. Zombie lovers, or anyone for that matter, will enjoy the storyline of how Zombies have fully taken over. The creative plot, along with experienced dancers and sexy routines will make this a must see for anyone – even the undead!

Times and Location

Location: V Theater, Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood
Duration: 75 minutes (approx.)


The terror is stripped away here, as well as some of the gore and most of the clothing. At Zombie Burlesque, those looking for something fun to do in Las Vegas can enjoy a fresh take one of the hottest genres. Club Z is the place to be, and you are invited to visit the hottest zombie nightclub in all of Las Vegas.

The show commences with a lavish musical number. The undead offer one of the best zombie performances this side of “Thriller.” Zenoch is your fabulous emcee and he will lead you into a dirty and debauched world. This world features beautiful performers who know how to seduce their audience members.

Audience Participation

Audience members are regularly invited to join the show. However, even those who remain in their seat receive plenty of chances to hear more from the cast about their insatiable lust for flesh.

The zombie motif holds firm throughout the show’s duration. Chuckle at the young man who simply wants to devour a certain part of the male anatomy. Cower from the women who want to devour you. Either way, zombies will never be the same again.

Thanks to the endless jokes about eating and fornication, you just might start to blush. That is, until you realize that this only makes your face look more tasty. The production mixes clever humor, improvisation, outstanding performances and highly sexual zombies in a manner that you would not expect.

The audience remains directly engaged with the entertaining characters and you will end up highly invested in their struggle to hold back their urges while contemplating your own.

All You Can Eat

No one forgets the burlesque vignettes as the gorgeous dancers strip down to their pasties. However, creative set pieces, top notch singing and physical feats of wonderment worthy of Cirque break up the teasing.

You may even leave this show convinced that certain performers are zombies. The ballet portion of the show, appropriately set to “Zombie” by the Cranberries, reminds you that zombies have heart. (After all, you can see them falling out of their chests.)

Zombie Burlesque is an expertly choreographed stage production that is also very well written. This musical certainly knows how to hit all the right notes. It also brings the audience along for a naughty and nasty interactive experience that they are not going to forget or regret.

If you’ve watched “Walking Dead” and thought that it would be better with musical numbers and sexy zombies, Zombie Burlesque is the best show in town.

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