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O’ | Cirque Du Soleil Show

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O': The Aquatic Las Vegas Classic | Cirque Du Soleil Show

O’: Cirque Du Soleil Show

See water like you’ve never seen before – O is an elegant and jaw-dropping aquatic show. Performers highlight the beauty and history of theatre as an art form. You’ll never experience anything like it.

Times and Location

Location: O Theatre, Bellagio
Show Length: Approximately 105 minutes


This is by far the wettest Cirque du Soleil show of them all. When you check out “O” at the Bellagio, you are immediately immersed into a spellbinding dream world full of synchronized swimmers, acrobats, divers and a vast collection of various aquatic characters.

Best of all, this show takes place in, on and above a colossal pool that contains well over 1 million gallons of water. This show will definitely remind you of that fateful night when you had a little bit too much cough syrup and went for a swim in your neighbor’s pool.

There is no reason to freak out or worry about your clothes and hair as the audience is positioned well outside of the splash zone. There are also a series of daredevils who are obviously a moonlighting group of performers, who want to show off their jaw dropping stunts and masterful illusions around the giant pool that will also double as your stage for the evening.

This super cool theater offers a set of dimensions that are typically unseen in Las Vegas, allowing audiences to feel as if they stepped into an alternate universe.

Did you know that each performer has several identical costumes so that they can reappear after taking their watery plunges, and still appear to be dry as a bone?

It’s true. You will ooh, you will aah and you will also wonder how in the world they just managed to pull that off. This show is perfect for every member of your party; unless you happen to be traveling with someone who is in search of a rave. You are absolutely going to love “O”!

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